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Twitch Stream: January 29th at 11am PST - Ask us a Question

AndrewUFGAndrewUFG Posts: 245Member ✭✭✭✭

The first Triad Wars Twitch stream of the year will be Thursday, 29th January at 11am (PST).

I'll be joined by Triad Wars Creative Director Steve and Game Designer James who will be showing off some new features and playing through a couple of Raids to highlight changes since the last Beta.

We'd love to answer questions from you so if there's anything you want to ask post it here. Everyone who gets a question asked will receive an Invite to the next Beta.


  • Mason7xMason7x Posts: 3Member

    When will the closed Beta open again?
    So we could play again.

  • AndrewUFGAndrewUFG Posts: 245Member ✭✭✭✭

    We're working on the plans for the next Closed Beta at the moment. We'll have news soon.

  • VladaVlada Posts: 3Member

    Have you improved the character creation,and add more options for the main character? (changes hair and face)

  • VladaVlada Posts: 3Member

    Or do you plan to add more face adn hair for main character.all face are ugly and does seems good choices.and please add co-op

  • EijiBlackDragonEijiBlackDragon Posts: 3Member

    I Need help to get in triad wars and get in the game

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