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New Webstore item! - Endless Wardrobe - Limitless customization options!

IainUFGIainUFG Posts: 2,479Member Community Manager


Purchasing the "Endless Wardrobe" in the Triad Wars Webstore ( gives you access to all available customization options in the game. Every* item of clothing, every outfit, every hairstyle, head and facial hair option. Mix and match customization options in a virtually limitless number of combinations.

22,000 Gold Value

*excludes promotional items

List of items:

IKOZE T-shirt
Athletic Runners
Bam Bam Butterfly T-shirt
Couronne Brogue Loafer x 5 colors
Bronze Master Outfit
Combat Boots
Digital Bracelet x6 colors
Fancy Pointed Toe X 5 colors
Fantom Zip Boots x5 colors
Grubby Shoes
Balaclava - Clown
Balaclava - Full Skull
Balaclava - Ghoul
Balaclava - Luv
Balaclava - Big Mouth
Plain Black Balaclava
Balaclava - Puma
Balaclava - Shark
Balaclava - Smear
Balaclava - Smile
Balaclava - Tiangou
Baseball Cap x7 Colors
Cowboy Hat
Police Hat
Security Guard Cap
Big Trouble Hat
Tourist Hat
Trucker Cap
Basic Hoody x 10 colors
Subtle Checker Sweater x 10 colors
Little Skulls Hoody x 10 colors
IKOZE Kicks Shoes x 7 colors
Leather Jacket x 11 colors
IKOZE Kicks in Leather
Lightning Warrior
Aspirazone Watch
Cambria Scallop Watch
Couronne Speedster Watch
Thick Gold Chain
Ultimate Beatdown
Sun Wukong
Motorcycle Jacket x 11 colors
Muay Thai
Bead Dragon
Coin on a String
Gold Chain
Jade Pendant
Thick Chain
Oxfords x 5 colors
Cargo Pants x 11 colors
Bloody Suit Pants
Suit Pants x 11 colors
Track Pants x 11 colors
Baggy Track Pants x 11 colors
Boxers: Beige Plaid
Boxers: Flowers
Boxers: Valentine
Boxers: Lots of Hearts
Boxers: Green Plaid
Boxers: Secret Skulls
Boxers: Shamrocks
Baggy Jeans
Boot Cut Jeans
Douche Jeans
Basic Jeans
Dragon Print
Leather Pants
Frisky: Pants! Pants!
Straight Leg Jeans
Business Casual
Super Slim Jeans
Tourist Shorts
Bruno James Polo Shirt x 11 colors
Puffy Jacket x 11 colors
Puffey Vest x 11 colors
Trainers x 7 colors
Awareness Band
Leather Bands
Black Pearl Bracelet
Rocker Bracer
Thick Gold Chain
Shaolin Warrior
Shell Toe Sneaker x 7 colors
Vintage Jumpsuit
metroLight walkabouts x 7 colors
Sports Jersey x 11 colors
Square Toe Loafer x 5 colors
Suit Jacket (Open) x 11 colors
Suit Jacket (Closed) x 11 colors
Super Baggy Jeans
Bloody Suit Jacket
Button Up Shirt x 11 colors
Black Leather Jacket
Green Jacket
Grubby Hoodie
Hipster Jacket
IKOZE Tank Top
Jean Jacket Vest
Lambskin Car Coat
Long Sleeve Tee x 11 colors
Lightweight Quilted Jacket
Shiny Track Top
Suit Jacket (Shirtless) x 11 colors
Tight Tank
Two Tone Tank
Tropical Print x 11 colors
Tactical Gear: Digital Urban
Guan Yu Tattoo
Koi Tattoo
Phoenix Tattoo
Club Bam Bam - Black
Bruno James Classic
T-Shirt x 11 colors
Club Bam Bam - Pink
Digital Camo: Forest
Digital Camo: Urban
Frisky Black
Frisky Purple
Ghost Pig T-Shirt (Black)
Ghost Pig T-Shirt (White)
Golden Koi - Black
Golden Koi - White
Porkbun Classic
Sun On Yee - Black
Sun On Yee - Black
Shing Wo - Black
Shing Wo - White
Plain White Shirt
Number 9 T-Shirt x 11 colors
Basic Tee T-Shirt x 11 colors
Olive! T-Shirt x 11 colors
Ikoze Big Red K T-Shirt x 11 colors
Ikoze Massive K T-Shirt x 11 colors
Breakup Mix Tape T-Shirt x 11 colors
Galaxy Wrestler T-Shirt x 11 colors
Brainiac T-Shirt x 11 colors
Ribcage T-Shirt x 11 colors
Crown and Dagger T-Shirt x 11 colors
Tribal Skull T-Shirt x 11 colors
Deeply Distressed T-Shirt x 11 colors
Knight and Shield T-Shirt x 11 colors
Lion Roar! T-Shirt x 11 colors
Bruno James Signature T-Shirt x 11 colors
Peace T-Shirt x 11 colors
IKOZE T-Shirt x 11 colors
IKOZE Sport Watch x 6 colors
White Tops Sneakers x 7 colors
Wing Chun
Worksite Boots x5 colors
Wu Shu
Air Filter - Plain
Bruno James Polo Shirt
Camo Cargo Pants
Suit Jacket with T-Shirt
Boxers: Plain
Kung Fu
Kung Fu Hustler
Kung Fu Vagabond

Bandana Mask x7 colors
Air Filter - Blue Plaid
Air Filter - Cheetah
Air Filter - Digital Camo
Air Filter - Dog
Air Filter - Green Camo
Air Filter - Pork Bun!
Air Filter - Shark
Air Filter - Sharp Teeth
Air Filter - Vampire
Assassin Mask
Gas Mask
Ghost Pig Mask
Masked Justice

Disguise! Glasses
Classic Couronne Sunglasses
metroLight squared Sunglasses
Unishades Sunglasses x5 Colors
Hang + Sui: Demolishers Sunglasses x5 Colours

Head Hair:
The Fringe
Touch of Grey
Razored Shag
Scruffy Hair

Facial Hair:
Soulpatch Goatee
Long Goatee
Long Mustache
Medium Mustache
The Standard Mustache
Short Neck Stubble
Short Sideburns
Elegant Sideburns
Thin Mustache

Head 1
Head 2
Head 3
Head 4
Head 5
Head 6
Head 7
Head 8
Head 9
Head 10
Head 11
Head 12

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