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New Feature: Screenshot Tool

IainUFGIainUFG Posts: 2,479Member Community Manager
edited July 2015 in Game News

New Feature: Screenshot Tool

With this patch comes a new feature.

We have added an integrated screenshot tool to allow you to capture all the action while you play, with the simple push of a button. This allows you to easily grab screen shots to share with your friends or post to twitter, facebook, instagram or any other social media platform.

All you need to do is hit the screenshot key (mapped by default to F12). The screenshot will automatically be added to your screenshots folder, and the file path will display on the screen (Triadwars/Install/Screenshot). As fast as you hit that button is as fast as the images will be captured, for flawless action sequences.

Additionally we have added the option to Enable or Disable the HUD in the screenshot (default is HUD disabled) without having to remove it while you play. You can find it in the Game Options tab, in the Settings menu.

Post your screenshots on social media, or create your own screenshot discussion here:

Example Screenshots unedited taken with the tool:

HUD Disabled

HUD Enabled

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