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July update is almost here...

UFG_SteveUFG_Steve Posts: 4Member Moderator
edited July 2015 in Game News

The July update is almost here and should be ready to go live by the end of the week so here’s a quick breakdown of what to expect.

First on the list is a big one that we’ve discussed at length and we’re excited that we’re finally able to roll out. Custom key bindings for mouse and keyboard! We’ve had a lot of great feedback from the last round of control updates but if there’s still that one key that just doesn’t feel right, now you can customize your own controls. We’re looking forward to getting your feedback.

New to Triad Wars in the July update are “Challenges”. What’s a challenge? Well you’ve seen a few early versions of them in the past as weekend events. With the new “Challenges” interface you can now see tiered objectives, your current progress towards an active challenge and the rewards that go with them. We intend to start running a lot more of Challenges from now on, so keep an eye out for notifications and some exclusive rewards too.

Next up is raiding. Up until now running out of time during a raid results in getting busted instantly and losing out on everything collected thus far. Cops now play a bigger role in raids so if you run out of time while raiding you’ll have one last chance to get away with something to show for it… provided you can avoid getting busted in the process.

A couple of new races have been added to the open world and along with them the ability to bring your own vehicles into the race. In fact bring any vehicle you want… maybe boost a rivals car from their turf, take a joy ride and win a few races. Stay tuned for more races and open world gameplay coming down the pipe.

As usual many more bug fixes are making their way into the game for the monthly update. Remember to tune in for the next Twitch stream this Thursday July 9th for more details and to chat with James and myself about the update.

• New “Challenges”
• Custom key bindings!
• Escape the cops when the raid timer expires
• New races plus the ability to bring your own vehicle
• Lots o’ bug fixes


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