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When it comes to developing Triad Wars, we place a huge amount of importance on what you, the gamers, are telling us. We spend a lot of time reading Facebook posts, tweets and forum comments so when we saw a lot of frequently-asked questions about our multiplayer features we sat down with Steve and James to get some answers.

Have we turned Multiplayer on in the Beta?

Yes! As a Thug and Blue Lantern you will fight only AI so we can closely control the early game experience and protect new players from getting Raided, but from 49’er on up you’re a target for everyone else and you’re up against real people. If a real opponent is unavailable (i.e. everyone at your level is protected by a shield or in someone else’s game right now) the game will fall back on AI opponents to fill the gap. In the last patch we improved the AI opponents ranked 49’er and below, and next patch we’ll be tuning the Straw Sandals and above.

How does the multiplayer in Triad Wars work?

When you log in, the matchmaking system looks for six other players at your level and puts them in your game. If you Raid them, you can steal stuff from their rackets and so gain Face at their expense. You gain more Face by Raiding all their rackets and taking out their Enforcer. If you die in the attempt then their defence succeeds and they gain the Face you lose. When you get Raided you get a shield that protects you from getting Raided, for a brief time, and when it expires you’re fair game again. If you get Raided four times while offline, you’re taken out of matchmaking so you can’t fall too far if you’re away a while. Also, at lower levels we don’t let your level get reduced, but at the more senior ranks other players can knock you down.

Why don’t I see my friends? Will I be able to Raid my friends?

Today the game does not give preferential weight to people on your friends list when matchmaking, but we want to get that into the game. Playing with your friends and getting revenge on the people who’ve attacked you is obviously very important, so look for that in a coming update.

What are your plans for Multiplayer in the future?
Since the game’s very beginning, we’re been planning to have Co-op Raiding, where you and a friend can take on a much tougher rival by working together for shared rewards. A feature like this is something that has to be built into the architecture of the game, and happily our game has been built with this in mind but it’s not quite ready for players yet. Right now, we’re focused on making the core game fun and rewarding, because we need a solid game foundation to underpin the whole experience. We’re not ready to commit to a specific timeline or date

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