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AndrewUFGAndrewUFG Posts: 245Member ✭✭✭✭
edited February 2015 in Game News

If you've still not got a Beta key and would like to be playing Triad Wars today, check out our new Wiki which we just launched. To celebrate our partnership we've given Gamepedia 10,000 Beta keys to share with fans.

CLICK HERE to find out more about the giveaway.

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  • GishankGishank Posts: 24Member
    edited February 2015

    As I mentioned in my twitter response (but I'll mention it here as, hey-ho, forums ftw), I love the fact that we're going to have 10,000 more people to raid and use as cannon-fodder. Think it's a real shame that existing players miss out on the Wangan GSX (given there is no way for us to acquire it in the game at the moment to my knowledge)

    Guess it gives me somewhere to put that list of favour cards I was working on though.

  • AndrewUFGAndrewUFG Posts: 245Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Gishank‌ Don't worry too much; we haven't forgotten about people already in our Beta :)

  • Deth1981Deth1981 Posts: 2Member

    Why is there no one else in the game when I am on? Will I see other players on the map if they are on as well?

  • AntigaAntiga Posts: 20Member

    @Deth1981 said:
    Why is there no one else in the game when I am on? Will I see other players on the map if they are on as well?

    Nope, the game is essentially Single Player, with the only interaction with other players possible being the same kind of interactions one can make in one of those shitty Facebook games, i.e. Farmville. You can see someone's stats, you can raid their compound and they will get a little notification of it, and get 24 hr protection.

    Next patch you'll be able to water each others plants, and that's it.

    Obviously i'm exaggerating a bit, in the future Triads will be unlocked, and some kind of Triad Wars as well. But I still heavily doubt you'll ever be able to meet another person in-game that is NOT a NPC.
    If there was going to be true online play, it would have been part of the beta already.

    There are still keys on, about 9k/10k left, meaning there's really very little interest in this. Meaning barely any extra cannon-fodder as well.

  • muawdeebmuawdeeb Posts: 1Member

    Just got a beta key at, They have about 6,500 left.
    Anyone intersested better hurry!

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